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NCYC 445

Cryptococcus albidus var. albidus

Pre 2011 Name Cryptococcus albidus var. albidus

Equivalent Strain Designations ATCC 10666, CBS 142, CCRC 21672, DBVPG 6110, IFO 0378, IGC 2409, JCM 2334, MUCL 30400, NRRL Y-1400, VKM Y-2223.

Depositor CBS

Deposit Date Unknown 1955

Habitat From the atmosphere, Japan.

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Cryptococcus albidus var. albidus

Aerobic Utilisation and Growth

Glucose +
Galactose +
Sorbose Unknown
Sucrose +
Maltose +
Cellobiose Unknown
Trehalose +
Lactose +
Melibiose -
Raffinose +
Melizitose Unknown
Inulin Unknown
Soluble Starch Unknown
Xylose Unknown
L Arabinose Unknown
D Arabinose Unknown
Ribose Unknown
Rhamnose Unknown
Ethanol Unknown
Glycerol Unknown
Erythritol -
Ribitol Unknown
Galactitol Unknown
Mannitol Unknown
Sorbitol Weak/Latent
A M D Glucoside Unknown
Salicin Unknown
Lactic Acid Unknown
Succinic Acid Unknown
Citric Acid Unknown
Inositol +
Gluconolactone Unknown
Glucosamine Unknown
Methanol Unknown
Xylitol Unknown

Strain Information

Type Strain
Information US Patent 3,905,868: Deacylation of benzyl and phenoxymethyl penicillin tetrazoles.
Produces propane
Produces xylosidases [xylan-hydrolases]
Quality control strain for Abbott products.
Depositor CBS
Deposit Name Cryptococcus albidus
Month of deposit Unknown
Deposit Year 1955
Habitat From the atmosphere, Japan.
Equivalent Strain Designations ATCC 10666, CBS 142, CCRC 21672, DBVPG 6110, IFO 0378, IGC 2409, JCM 2334, MUCL 30400, NRRL Y-1400, VKM Y-2223.
Reference Sugita et al., J.Gen.Appl.Microbiol. 38: 83-86, 1992.
Vaughan Martini, Exptl.Mycol. 15: 140-145, 1991 (DNA).
Vancanneyt et al., System.Appl.Microbiol. 17: 65-75, 1994 (CoQ, protein).
Hamsher JJ . Enzymatic deacylation of benzyl- and phenoxymethyl penicillin tetrazoles. (US Patent 3,905,868 dated Sep 16 1975 )
Phytochemistry 34: 133-138, 1993.
Saito K . Untersuchungen uber die atmospharischen Pilzkeime. Jpn. J. Bot. 1: 1-54, 1922.
Biely P , et al. Xylan-degrading activity in yeasts: growth on xylose, xylan and hemicelluloses. Folia Microbiol. 23: 366-371, 1978.
Fell JW , et al. Biodiversity and systematics of basidiomycetous yeasts as determined by large-subunit rDNA D1/D2 domain sequence analysis. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 50: 1351-1371, 2000.
Fukuda H , et al.. Microbial production of C3- and C4-hydrocarbons. Agric. Biol. Chem. 48: 1679-1682, 1984.

Physical Characteristics

Optimum Temperature 25
Miniumum Temperature 7
Maximum Temperature 27


Shape Round-oval
Min Broth Breadth (µm) 4
Max Broth Breadth (µm) 8
Min Broth Length (µm) 2
Max Broth Length (µm) 6
Min Agar Breadth (µm) 5
Max Agar Breadth (µm) 10
Min Agar Length (µm) 2
Max Agar Length (µm) 6
Arrangement Pairs
Colour on Agar Cream
Surface on Agar Shiny
Texture on Agar Smooth
Deposit in Broth Non-Flocculent
Ring in Broth Absent
Ring Colour Unknown
Pellicle in Broth Absent
Pellicle Appearance N/A
Pellicle Habit N/A

Cell Division

Budding Multipolar
Fission Absent

Filamentous Growth

Pseudomycelium Absent
Pseudomycelium Branch N/A
Pseudomycelium Form N/A
Blastospores N/A
Blastospore Shape N/A
Blastospore Location N/A
Blastospore Habit N/A
True Mycelium Absent
Clamp Connections Absent

Asexual Spores

Ballistospores Absent
Arthrospores Absent
Endospores Absent
Chlamydospores Absent

Sexual Spores

Ascospores Absent
Ascospore Shape N/A
Ascospore Wall N/A
Ascospore No Per Ascus N/A
Ascus Shape N/A
Conjugation Absent
Teliospores Absent
Teliospore Shape N/A


Assay Unknown
Salt Tolerant Unknown
Killer Unknown
Plasmid No

Semi-Anaerobic Fermentation

Glucose -
Galactose -
Sucrose -
Maltose -
Cellobiose -
Trehalose -
Lactose -
Melibiose -
Raffinose -
Melizitose -
Inulin -
Soluble Starch -
Xylose Unknown
A M D Glucoside -

Aerobic Utilisation and Growth - Sole Sources of Nitrogen

NH4 2SO4 Unknown
KNO3 +
Ethylamine Unknown
Cadaverine Unknown
Lysine Unknown


Vitamin Free Growth Unknown
Cyclohex 100ppm Unknown
Cyclohex 1000ppm Unknown
50% Glucose Growth Unknown
60% Glucose Growth Unknown
Lipolytic Weak/Latent
Acid Production Unknown
37c Growth Unknown
40c Growth Unknown
Arbutin Hydrolysis +
Urease Activity Unknown
Starch Production +
Acid Tolerant Unknown