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NCYC 4109

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Pre 2011 Name Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Equivalent Strain Designations Unknown

Depositor Giuseppe Masiello, Napoli (Naples), Italy

Deposit Date April 2016

Habitat Naturally sourced / Traditional home baking yeast.

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Aerobic Utilisation and Growth

Glucose +
Galactose +
Sorbose -
Sucrose +
Maltose +
Cellobiose -
Trehalose Latent
Lactose -
Melibiose -
Raffinose +
Melizitose +
Inulin -
Soluble Starch -
Xylose -
L Arabinose -
D Arabinose -
Ribose -
Rhamnose -
Ethanol Latent
Glycerol -
Erythritol -
Ribitol -
Galactitol -
Mannitol -
Sorbitol -
A M D Glucoside +
Salicin -
Lactic Acid Weak/Latent
Succinic Acid -
Citric Acid -
Inositol -
Gluconolactone -
Glucosamine -
Methanol -
Xylitol -

Strain Information

Information Naturally sourced starter culture originally from a mixture of water, flour, olive oil and acacia honey by Angelo Donadio in 2009.
Starter culture is renewed once a week mixing water, flour and yeast in the ratio: 10 parts of flour, 10 parts of yeast, 8 parts of water and leaving at 20°C to 30 °C for three hours to six hours. The resulting mixture can be stored in a fridge at a temperature of 4 – 8 °C.
In order to bake bread:
- Mix 4 parts of yeast, 5 parts of water, and 10 parts of flour with some salt (e.g. for every 200g of yeast, 250g of water and 500g of flour add 3 tea spoons of salt).
- Leaven for at least 6 hours under a temperature somewhere between 20 and 30 °C
- Bake in oven at 220 °C for 15 minutes, then at 180°C for 45 minutes

Shown to be composed of a single strain by DNA 'Fingerprint' analysis.
Depositor Giuseppe Masiello, Napoli (Naples), Italy
Deposit Name Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Month of deposit April
Deposit Year 2016
Habitat Naturally sourced / Traditional home baking yeast.
Equivalent Strain Designations No
Reference No

Physical Characteristics

Optimum Temperature Unknown
Miniumum Temperature Unknown
Maximum Temperature Unknown


Shape Short-Oval to Oval
Min Broth Breadth (µm) 4.5
Max Broth Breadth (µm) 8.5
Min Broth Length (µm) 4
Max Broth Length (µm) 11
Min Agar Breadth (µm) 5
Max Agar Breadth (µm) 7
Min Agar Length (µm) 6
Max Agar Length (µm) 11
Arrangement Single and in pairs
Colour on Agar Cream
Surface on Agar Dull
Texture on Agar Smooth
Deposit in Broth Non-Flocculent
Ring in Broth Absent
Ring Colour N/A
Pellicle in Broth Absent
Pellicle Appearance N/A
Pellicle Habit N/A

Cell Division

Budding Multipolar
Fission Absent

Filamentous Growth

Pseudomycelium Ill formed
Pseudomycelium Branch Regularly Branched
Pseudomycelium Form Candida + Mycocandida
Blastospores Absent
Blastospore Shape N/A
Blastospore Location N/A
Blastospore Habit N/A
True Mycelium Absent
Clamp Connections N/A

Asexual Spores

Ballistospores Absent
Arthrospores Absent
Endospores Absent
Chlamydospores Absent

Sexual Spores

Ascospores Present
Ascospore Shape Oval
Ascospore Wall Smooth
Ascospore No Per Ascus 2-4
Ascus Shape Oval
Conjugation Absent
Teliospores Absent
Teliospore Shape N/A


Assay Unknown
Salt Tolerant <10%
Killer Unknown
Plasmid Unknown

Semi-Anaerobic Fermentation

Glucose +
Galactose +
Sucrose +
Maltose +
Cellobiose -
Trehalose -
Lactose -
Melibiose +
Raffinose +
Melizitose +
Inulin -
Soluble Starch -
Xylose -
A M D Glucoside +

Aerobic Utilisation and Growth - Sole Sources of Nitrogen

NH4 2SO4 +
KNO3 -
Ethylamine -
Cadaverine -
Lysine -


Vitamin Free Growth Unknown
Cyclohex 100ppm -
Cyclohex 1000ppm -
50% Glucose Growth +
60% Glucose Growth -
Lipolytic -
Acid Production -
37c Growth +
40c Growth +
Arbutin Hydrolysis -
Urease Activity -
Starch Production -
Acid Tolerant -