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Saccharomyces pastorianus

Pre 2011 Name Saccharomyces pastorianus

Equivalent Strain Designations ATCC 2345, ATCC 44732, NRRL Y-132, NCYC 431.

Depositor ATCC

Deposit Date October 1947

Habitat Not specified

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Saccharomyces pastorianus

Aerobic Utilisation and Growth

Glucose +
Galactose +
Sorbose -
Sucrose +
Maltose +
Cellobiose -
Trehalose -
Lactose -
Melibiose -
Raffinose +
Melizitose -
Inulin -
Soluble Starch -
Xylose -
L Arabinose -
D Arabinose -
Ribose -
Rhamnose -
Ethanol +
Glycerol -
Erythritol -
Ribitol -
Galactitol -
Mannitol -
Sorbitol -
A M D Glucoside -
Salicin -
Lactic Acid -
Succinic Acid -
Citric Acid -
Inositol -
Gluconolactone -
Glucosamine -
Methanol -
Xylitol -

Strain Information

Information produces sterol-binding polysaccharides
Produces ethanol using membrane bioreactor
Transformation of organosulfides to sulfoxides
Produces ethyl alcohol [ethanol]
Produces polygalacturonase [pectinase]
Diploid, highly ethanol-tolerant (13% v/v)
Produces polysaccharides
Depositor ATCC
Deposit Name Saccharomyces carlsbergensis.
Month of deposit October
Deposit Year 1947
Habitat Not specified
Equivalent Strain Designations ATCC 2345, ATCC 44732, NRRL Y-132, NCYC 431.
Reference Ness F, et al. Identification of yeast strains using the polymerase chain reaction. J. Sci. Food Agric. 62: 89-94, 1993.
Biotechnol. Lett. 17: 1069-1074, 1995.
Pillai CG, Weete JD . Sterol-binding polysaccharides of Rhizopus arrhizus, Penicillium roquefortii and Saccharomyces carlsbergensis. Phytochemistry 14: 2347-2351, 1975.
Robinson CW, et al.. Ethanol production by immobilized yeast cells in a packed tower. Adv. Biotechnol. 2: 105-111, 1981.
Cheryan M, Mehaia MA . Ethanol production in a membrane recycle bioreactor. Process Biochem. 19: 204-208, 1984.
Hill GA , Robinson CW. Morphological behaviour of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during continuous fermentation. Biotechnol. Lett. 10: 815-820, 1988.
McKay AM. Degradation of polygalacturonic acid by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Lett. Appl. Microbiol. 11: 41-44, 1990.
Ghase TK, Tyagi RD. Rapid ethanol fermentation of cellulose hydrolysate. II. Product and substrate inhibition and optimization of fermentor design. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 21: 1401-1420, 1979.
Pan et al., Anal.Chem. 25: 23, 1953 (analysis)

Physical Characteristics

Optimum Temperature Unknown
Miniumum Temperature Unknown
Maximum Temperature Unknown


Shape Oval
Min Broth Breadth (µm) 2
Max Broth Breadth (µm) 5
Min Broth Length (µm) 5
Max Broth Length (µm) 12
Min Agar Breadth (µm) 0
Max Agar Breadth (µm) 0
Min Agar Length (µm) 0
Max Agar Length (µm) 0
Arrangement Pairs
Colour on Agar Cream
Surface on Agar Dull
Texture on Agar Rough
Deposit in Broth Flocculent
Ring in Broth Absent
Ring Colour Unknown
Pellicle in Broth Absent
Pellicle Appearance No
Pellicle Habit No

Cell Division

Budding Multipolar
Fission Absent

Filamentous Growth

Pseudomycelium Absent
Pseudomycelium Branch No
Pseudomycelium Form No
Blastospores Absent
Blastospore Shape No
Blastospore Location No
Blastospore Habit No
True Mycelium Absent
Clamp Connections No

Asexual Spores

Ballistospores Absent
Arthrospores Absent
Endospores Absent
Chlamydospores Absent

Sexual Spores

Ascospores Absent
Ascospore Shape Round
Ascospore Wall No
Ascospore No Per Ascus No
Ascus Shape No
Conjugation Absent
Teliospores Absent
Teliospore Shape No


Assay No
Salt Tolerant -
Killer No
Plasmid Unknown

Semi-Anaerobic Fermentation

Glucose +
Galactose -
Sucrose +
Maltose +
Cellobiose -
Trehalose -
Lactose -
Melibiose Weak/Latent
Raffinose +
Melizitose -
Inulin -
Soluble Starch -
Xylose Unknown
A M D Glucoside -

Aerobic Utilisation and Growth - Sole Sources of Nitrogen

NH4 2SO4 +
KNO3 -
Ethylamine -
Cadaverine -
Lysine Unknown


Vitamin Free Growth -
Cyclohex 100ppm -
Cyclohex 1000ppm -
50% Glucose Growth -
60% Glucose Growth -
Lipolytic -
Acid Production +
37c Growth -
40c Growth Unknown
Arbutin Hydrolysis -
Urease Activity -
Starch Production -
Acid Tolerant -